Thursday, November 14, 2013

What should be my salary ? How much should I get ? Am I low paid ?

What should be my salary ? How much should I get ? Am I low paid ? 
These are the questions, that keep roaming around an employee. 
I have been handling teams for couple of years and these questions keep coming so thought to write about it.

Ask 2 questions to yourself.
1: What would the average salary of a normal graduate or master student ?
2: What would be the average salary of a student from premier institution.

The difference would be huge.
Now think, what is making difference, is it a premier institution ?

You are wrong.. you may have seen people, who have got a degree from a premier institute but still struggling to get a well paid job. Having said that, you'd have also noticed that someone from an ordinary college or university is bagging good amount of money.

Now think again, it's neither the degree nor a decade of experience is going to get you money. It's all the skills you carry and able to exhibit whenever required. A degree or experience is useless if you are not able to deliver.

Whenever you feel that you are not getting paid well, means you are lacking somewhere; you need to work on and improve.
You would need to have the required skills/experience to earn your expectation.