Tuesday, August 6, 2013

eRecruitment - Social Media, Networking websites, google and so on...

We all are familier with Social Media, Professional Networking sites, Google, etc. With the advent of social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, recruitment procedures have been dramatically transformed.  Reputed organisations not only cast a wide net through these sites but also narrow down their search to what they want exactly with great ease. They have lots strategies in place to make the best use of the social media in their hiring process. Linkedin is the preferred social media channel for most of the IT Firm accross the globe for sourcing various level candidates, while Facebook and Twitter drive our social recruiting efforts for entry level openings and are considered as a personal networking sites. Recently with the new addition in Facebook called as a Graph Search has added lots of value to it.  Making it more effective for candidates search. 

There is a question, as Social media based recruitment is certainly on the rise, but is it suitable for all types of jobs? You answer may be not sure. As Social media sites are generally capturing mid to senior lvel Executivs. Whereas if we are targeting for entry level candidates, social media may not create a great impact. 

No doubt social media has taken the arena of recruitment by storm. Is its success rate equally impressive? Success rate of leveraging social media in recruitment is directly proportional to the level of social engagement, which in turn depends on the time and effort spent in developing and implementing the social media strategy. If  it's developed and implemented appropriately, an effective social media recruitment strategy can deliver high rates of success.

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